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Electrolysed Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizing Spray


At Aspect Technology we are always looking for products that improve our way of life not just in a functional way but also in style. Sometimes these products also offer additional features that can keep us safe and healthy.

This is the ultimate in convenience and cost savings.

Featuring the Electrolysed Sodium Hypochlorite Sanitizing Spray that is made at home in the comfort of your own kitchen.

The unique design of this sanitizing spray simply uses tap water, a small amount of edible salt and a patented electrolysis technology to create a household surface sanitizer for your home. Then you pull the trigger of the bottle and the spray can be used on most surfaces, safely and economically.

The disinfection principal is NaCl + H2O = NaClO + H2 sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO). The strong oxidizing formula easily penetrates the cell membrane and enters the inside of the bacterial cell. Oxidative decomposition of bacterial viruses can achieve the effect of killing bacterial viruses within seconds.

No longer do you have to purchase expensive and hard to find surface cleaners, this device does it all and even does it with a touch of class. The bottom of the bottle has a breathing light that displays a beautiful, multi-coloured array of light while plugged in. When the disinfection water is made, the machine will emit a “beep” to inform the user, and turn off the breathing light and electrolytic function.

The solution lasts for 24 hours and then you simply empty the bottle, clean it and start the process all over again.

Aspect Technology strives to find you the best products at a price you can rely on. We also offer "FREE SHIPPING" within North America on orders that are $50.00 or more so make sure to fill your cart with your favourite tech toys, designed to improve your way of life.


  • Spray disinfecting water generator
  • Materials: Titanium Ruthenium Iridium Electrode 
  • Bottle is made of ABS Plastic
  • Power supply input: 110v-240v
  • Working power:DC5V/2A
  • Single electrolysis time:10 minutes
  • Capacity: 350ml
  • Product size: 73 *73 *277mm Nozzle diameter: 0.03mm
  • Effective spraying distance: 60cm